Over the past few months, I've felt mentally and emotionally that I would like to start my own grief share group. After attending a GriefShare group for 9-13 weeks, I realized that the idea of discussing the death of someone close to you is very helpful. Not only discussing it, but discussing it with people who are feeling the same things as you.

While GriefShare was a good place to start, I wanted to go a step further - removing the heavy use of The Bible and God. Why you ask? Well, if one isn't a devout Christian or even believing in God - they might feel uncomfortable not only sharing, but attending the meetings.

While there is nothing wrong with GriefShare, I wanted to break down the wall. Remove only the fundamentals from the program and discuss those with others. Simple. No agendas.

As mentioned, I've thought about this since November 2016 - and decided to pursue the opportunity. I decided to create a group entitled "Uphill: Dealing with Grief".

The plan is to meet once a month for 1 to 2 hours at the C. Burr Artz Library in Frederick County, Maryland.