There is an endless supply of literature on the subject of males acting decent when interacting with members of the opposite sex. However, I feel I need to add additional information. Simply put, cut the shit out. If you're sitting there wondering, “What exactly is ‘the shit’?” I’m referring to the egregiously disrespectful treatment of women. From cases online to interpersonal communication, there are too many vile cases that need to be addressed.

I see it on a daily basis. A group of working professionals standing around, men and women, and a male feels the need to tell an idiotic dirty joke about something sexual. Why? Why do you feel the need to take a casual or even business-related interaction and pollute it with conversational excrement? Some folks standing around will shrug it off, some will be embarrassed and some will be angry. Too many times, though, we hear the joke and just think, "Well, he's old" or "he's harmless.” It doesn't matter. Stop issuing free passes for people who treat being stupid like it’s a national pastime.

Furthermore, I'm sick of seeing “men” transform into wild animals when they see a woman in public. You’ve seen it. A woman exits a coffee shop while an adjacent male ogles her body as she walks down the street, often times making faces or comments the entire time. Cut that shit out. I'm sure the girl dressed that way to impress a guy like you.

Even without words, you can still be a fucking nonverbal creep. There are primates (men) who feel the inexplicable need to touch females in the workplace, be it on the shoulder, the hair or by leaning in to invade personal space. Why does the need to touch someone exist? What infantile brain cell is relaying information to you that suggests that these actions are acceptable? Again, this often gets a free pass because people assume the person is being "friendly," or the one offended is simply afraid of the consequences if they report the person. This should never be a factor.

Sitting behind a keyboard is yet another avenue to be fucking stupid. Males seem to think that they can comment, harass and even threaten women without any repercussions. Just open up Twitter and you’ll be flooded with comments like "go make me a sandwich" the moment someone disagrees with a woman’s opinion. Where in the fuck do you get off thinking that a woman doesn't possess valid opinions or thoughts? A simple comment/article about your favorite sports team gives you a reason to respond with disgusting messages…or even threats? How can you morons not realize that typing something like, "I'm going to rape you" is an absolutely serious threat? Not knowing the person is never an excuse.

Too many people feel safe when saying these disgusting things. I've chimed in on social media when I see the "keyboard warriors" harassing someone, typically resulting in me receiving personal attacks about my appearance, criticism that I'm trying to get a girl to like me, or hell, even messages saying that my dog looks gay. If you think you're being clever when making comments such as these, let me assure you, you are at the bottom of the humor food chain.

I plead with you. If you see this happening, speak up. Have a voice. Don't be afraid to put an end to this. It's simply disgusting. Stop turning the other cheek for reasons like, "Well, he's just joking" or "he's harmless.” That may be your impression, but the impression on the person this is happening to is likely vastly different. I'm not trying to impress anyone with this article. I'm not trying to be a "hero.” I'm simply asking for you to reconsider your actions and speak up if you see this happening.